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Sent this letter to the editor for July 30 issue after reading several letters commenting on wind power in Leelanau. Many tried to reason that since the small wind turbine on M-72 that operates at 14% of capacity is relatively harmless, a few more wouldn't be a problem. One even suggested that opposing large scale wind farms made you mean spirited and downright greedy, which of course is silly. The state is looking at many turbines in Leelanau, the numbers are between 435-778. I've added links after the letter to the editor to the quotes from Ubly residents complaining of noise issues (one compares to a jet, one to a train) so you can read and learn from their experience.

To the Editor:

Smooth talking windmill salesmen with an agenda would have you
believe that a few small windmills spinning silently on our hillsides
can supply the electrical needs for our community and we will all
live happily ever after like the Danes.

The truth is that the state would like to designate our area a Wind
Energy Resource Zone, eventually paving the way for between 435 and
778 wind turbines three times the size of the M-72 turbine,
blanketing 40,000-80,000 acres of Leelanau, Benzie, and Manistee
County with commercial wind factories.

No one is talking about restricting farm or residential small wind
systems that might power your TV and computer for the month. Those
are already permitted under current zoning laws. It's the type of
developments outlined on page 5 of the WERZ report that should be

Consider the fate of the residents of Ubly, Michigan.

They approved a 5,000 acre commercial wind factory and the residents
living near the turbines are complaining of "sleepless nights due to
noise," which one likens to the "sound of a jet plane flying over"
and another compares the noise to the "feeling of a train rolling by."

It's too late for the residents of Ubly but it's not too late for
Leelanau County residents.

Download the Wind Energy Zone Report at http://no2wind.org to see
what your future may hold and contact your Township Planning
Commission before August 4 and tell them no to giant commercial wind

Link to video and interview with Ubley residents. It takes a minute to get to the info on noise. Good look at what a large scale wind factory would look like.

More on Ubly noise:

More Ubly noise

Diary from a woman that lives near one of the turbines:

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