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Welcome to my No2wind blog. I've been gathering articles, video and photos related to wind farms and wind turbines with a focus on Leelanau County.

Please take some time and
read this article on the farce of wind power from The Daily Mail in...

They're a bit "ahead" of us as they've been installing wind turbines to try  and meet a mandated goal of 32% of power from renewables by 2020 and their experience should be a lesson to those of us in Michigan.  

They've spent billions and built just over 2,000 wind turbines that still  contribute only one per cent of all the electricity they need, while shutting down coal powered plants and dragging their feet on nuclear (sound familiar??).

The combined output of all of these turbines is less than a single medium sized conventional power station and the cost is over twice that for current power generation sources.

Britain is like Leelanau with an abundance of beautiful coastline that the wind power industry would like to trash.  

The State of Michigan is itching to fill every corner of the state and our Great Lakes with industrial size wind farms, forcing utilities to buy renewable energy to save us all from global warming/climate change/climate disruption (choose your favorite) using a technology we gave up on in the 1800's because it was unreliable.

The utilities admit that wind power will never meet more than a small percentage of our total energy needs as it can not provide the sort of base load power needed to reliably run a factory, assembly line, or business, to help grow Michigan's economy.

I recently uploaded a video of the Stoney Corners wind farm near McBain. I stood in the road and recorded the video to give you an idea of what a large scale wind turbine sounds like as if you were standing in your front yard of your home.It's not as idyllic as the wind industry would have you believe.

I've got another video of wind turbine flicker. This is the constant shadow from the turbine blades that constantly flash across anything in it's path (like a house). Imagine a giant strobe light in your bedroom or living room 24/7. 

I was shocked at the amount of countryside the Stoney Corners project gobbled up until I did a bit of research and found that it's not unusual for wind farms in Michigan to cover thousands of acres, or about 100 acres per wind turbine do to setback requirements.

Please take some time to research the wind power farce. Wind power is a feel good technology that sounds great until confronted with the facts.  



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