I was surprised to read the articles on residents living next to the large wind farm in Ubly, Michigan, complaining of noisy wind turnbines. After all, I’ve driven by the small M-72 turbine thousands of times and have never noticed anything unusual.

In fact, one of the folks complaining about the sound felt guilty complaining about it because others thought she was making it up, but the steady thumping sound was keeping her from getting a good nights sleep.

It turns out that wind turbines do make noise, it’s just not all that noticeable during the daytime with other background sounds like traffic, airplanes, boats, etc. Click here for the sound of a wind farm in moderate winds.
Seems the problem is most noticeable at night.

Some have described the constant sound as like a jet airplane flying overhead. Others described the rumble of a train. One likened the steady sound to a shoe in a dryer .

All of those sounds aren’t too bad, even may go unnoticed during the day but picture the steady thumping of a shoe in the dryer all night long. I’ve lived close to a highway and you tune the steady drone out during the day but the constant whine and drone is tough to deal with at night (but the freeway was there when I moved in so I have no beef).

People are angry that the wind industry assures locals that the sound of a wind farm is negligible. You’ll see comparisons made to “the sound of people working in an office building” or “at X db, it’s no noisier that a fridge.”

In fact, you can expect 4-8 times current sound levels once a wind farm is established. The low frequency sounds can add considerably to the sound levels quoted by the wind industry and the discomfort of residents living nearby isn’t’ something they’ve made up, it’s real.

And once the sound of 435-778 wind turbines (per Wind Energy Zone Board) are spinning in unison, they’re hear for good. Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump…

Light pollution is already noticeable in the Traverse area and becoming more and more of a problem.. Once the massive wind farms start sprouting throughout the hillsides of Leelanau you can add noise pollution as well.
Here are more examples of what folks put up with living near wind factories.

This page has quite a few links to wind noise articles http://nowindfarms.com/blog/tag/wind-turbine-noise/

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