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Wind Turbine Sprawl

Great article in National Review on the issue of scale and wind/solar projects. 

A simple bit of math shows that even with the rapid expansion that solar-energy and wind-energy capacity have had in the past few years, those two sources cannot even meet incremental global demand for electricity, much less make a dent in the world’s overall demand for hydrocarbons.



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End Wind Handouts

Guest post from WattsUpWithThat

To confront the growing onslaught of wind industry pressure and propaganda, citizens should understand the fundamental facts about wind energy. Here are some of the top reasons for opposing further handouts.

Energy 101. It is impossible to have wind turbines without fossil fuels, especially natural gas. Turbines…


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Wind Farms Can Cause Warming

Zhou, Liming, Yuhong Tian, Somnath Baidya Roy, Chris Thorncroft, Lance F. Bosart and Yuanlong Hu 2012: Impacts of wind farms on land surface temperature. Nature Climate Chnage. doi:10.1038/nclimate1505

The abstract reads

The wind industry in the United States has experienced a remarkably rapid expansion of capacity in recent years and this fast growth is expected to continue in the future. While converting wind’s kinetic energy into electricity, wind turbines modify…


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The Beginning of the End of Wind

The government has finally seen through the wind-farm scam – but why did it take them so long?

To the nearest whole number, the percentage of the world’s energy that comes from wind turbines today is: zero. Despite the regressive subsidy (pushing pensioners into fuel poverty while improving the wine cellars of grand estates), despite tearing rural communities apart, killing jobs, despoiling views, erecting pylons, felling forests, killing bats and eagles, causing industrial…


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Wind Turbine Syndrome affects more people than previously thought

A survey was conducted on wind farm noise as part of a Master’s dissertation by Zhenhua Wang, a graduate student in Geography, Environment and Population at the University of Adelaide, Australia. The results show that 70% of respondents living up to 5km away report being negatively affected by wind turbine noise, with more than 50% of them “very or moderately negatively affected”. This is considerably higher than what was found in previous studies conducted in Europe.

Posted on…


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Ethicists blast chair of science ethics panel for taking global warming skeptic group’s papers

Peter Gleick resigns chairmanship of American Geophysical Union's ethics committee.

Washington Post Article here...

More here:…


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Concerned Scientists Reply On Global Warming

A follow up to the WSJ article, the authors respond to criticisms of the op-ed made by Kevin Trenberth in a letter published Feb. 6 in the WSJ.


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No Need To Panic About Global Warming

16 Climate Scientists  write in the Wall Street Journal about the greatly exaggerated claims on how much warming additional C02 can cause.


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The Oldest Thermometer Record in Existence

Here's a chart showing thermometer records since 1740 in Central England, also parts of US since the early 1800's and Europe back to the 1700's.

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Climate is Always Changing

Richard Lindzen, the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at M.I.T. writes:


The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the earth or any other planet with a fluid envelope. The fact that the developed world went into hysterics over changes in global mean temperature anomaly of a few tenths of a degree will astound future generations. Such…


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Pacific Power Rates Spike 14.5% January 1 Due To Wind and Renewables

From Watts Up With That Blog

Pacific Power Rates Spike 14.5% Due To Wind and Renewables

...almost three-fourths of its new costs support projects such as its recently completed Biglow Canyon wind farm in Sherman County and improvements to a hydroelectric dam on the Clackamas River.

By Ted Sickinger, The Oregonian

Come New Year’s, better strip the lights off the house and the Christmas tree ASAP.

Customers of Pacific Power will see…


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Wind Farms and Land Use

After driving by a new Indiana wind farm, Jeff Id wrote an article at his blog here where he takes a calculator and runs the numbers on how much land it would take to if we replaced our current generation capacity in the US with 100% wind.

Phase One of the Indiana wind farm he writes about consists of 121 turbines over 26,000 acres (about 215 acres per turbine).

A new windfarm in Michigan spreads 35 wind turbines out… Continue

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Climate Is Beyond Our Power To Control

Check out this climate essay in The American Scholar by Robert Laughlin, a Nobel laureate in physics.

Here's a sample:

"Climate change, by contrast, is a matter of geologic time, something that the earth

routinely does on its own without asking anyone’s permission or

explaining itself. The earth doesn’t include the potentially

catastrophic effects on civilization in its planning. Far from being

responsible for damaging the earth’s climate,… Continue

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Wind-generated electricity “has had minimal, if any, impact on carbon dioxide” emissions.

By Robert Bryce, from The Wall Street Journal

The wind industry has achieved remarkable growth largely due to the claim that it will provide major reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. There's just one problem: It's not true. A slew of recent studies show that wind-generated electricity likely won't result in any reduction in carbon emissions—or that they'll be so small as to be almost meaningless.

This issue is especially important now that states are mandating that… Continue

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Wind Farms Are A Poor Way To Harvest Energy

Wind turbines are a poor way to harness energy - but a very good way to generate public subsidies.

By Andrew Gilligan

A general view of Europe's biggest onshore wind farm, Whitelee Windfarm on the outskirts of Glasgow Photo: PA

From the summit of Plynlimon, in the deep country of the Cambrian Mountains, there is a 70-mile panorama of the Cader range, hill after green-blue hill stretching into the distance, from the peaks around Bala to the shores… Continue

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Windfarms in Rural Wisconsin-What You Can Expect Leelanau

By Craig Goodrich

I grew up in rural Wisconsin.and spent my adolescent summers at my aunt's place on the St. Lawrence River. I know and love the people and lifestyle. Not terribly cosmopolitan, sometimes, but peaceful,

close to the earth, and very, very human.

I returned home recently for a visit and discovered that huge swaths of rustic Wisconsin countryside had been vandalized by armies of

monstrosities the size of the Statue of Liberty, with a…


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Stopping Wind Farms In the UK

This group has been fighting a proposed wind farm in their rural UK community and they have a blog where you can follow their battle.


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"Power Hungry"-So you want to build a wind farm?

Review of the book "Power Hungry" by Robert Bryce at wsjonline. Interesting facts on Biomass and wind power:

"Power Hungry" unfolds as a brutal, brilliant exploration of this profoundly deluded quest, from fingers-in-the-ears "la-la-la-ing" at the mention of nuclear power to the illusion that we are rapidly running out of oil or that we can turn to biomass for salvation: Since it takes 10,000 tons of wood to produce one megawatt of electricity, for… Continue

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Lindzen: "Earth is never in equilibrium"

This is an essay professor Richard Lindzen of MIT sent to the Free Lance-Star in Fredericksburg, Va for their Opinion Page.

To a significant extent, the issue of climate change revolves around the elevation of the commonplace to the ancient level of ominous omen. In a world where climate change has always been the norm, climate change

is now taken as punishment for sinful levels of consumption. In a world

where we experience temperature changes of tens of…


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The hidden fuel costs of wind generated electricity.

Two papers using German and Dutch data from Roger Pielke Sr. Blog Climate Science: :


Wind generated electricity requires back-up capacity of conventional power stations.

This capacity is required to deliver electricity to consumers when wind

supply is falling short. To have the non-wind power stations ramp up or down to compensate

for the stochastic wind…


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